Expo 2020 Dubai

إقرأ بالعربي

EXPO is an international exhibition that has become a symbol of industrialization and an open platform for demonstrating technical achievements. EXPO exhibitions are visited by millions of people.

Each EXPO exhibition includes business and entertainment parts. Except official ceremonies and summits, parades, concerts of famous performers, as well as circus and acrobatic colorful shows are held at the venues.

“National Days” – days of the participating countries are held every day throughout the EXPO.

 “National Days” appears to the audience in the form of a Grand performance! Fashion merges with theater, music with dance, literature with verbal presentations, the culmination is the presentation of the strengths of the Country and its contribution to the theme of EXPO.

The most creative Countries in the World every day introduce visitors to the latest technological innovations, presenting impressive capabilities, based on the EXPO theme.

Each Country is more than just flag. They differ in national character and culture, habits and the way of life. To highlight these differences, Countries and cities are creating a recognizable visual identity.

On its “National Day”, each participating Country tells about its religion, history and symbols.

Our service:

  • We develop and implement a stunning concept of world-class events and shows in detail.
  • Create visualizations of festival venues and interiors, prepare renderings and drawings of architectural objects, organize concerts and as well international conferences.
  • We are ready to provide live video broadcasts and TV-bridges for events of any scale.
  • We work with the best-established directors, known for their high-profile projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Dubai and worldwide.

Ceo & Creative at Astana Expo 2017:

  • Our company took part in the implementation of more than 3,000 events within EXPO 2017
  • Our specialists conducted technical consulting for EXPO 2017
  • Ceo has provided all technical staff
  • Our specialists have purchased and rented the necessary equipment for construction
  • We have developed a calendar of EXPO 2017 events
  • The opening ceremony was attended by presidents and heads of government of about 20 countries, including Vladimir Putin, Nursultan Nazarbayev, his Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed al Maktoum and Chinese President XI Jinping.