The wedding of Menachem-Mendel Vilensky and Leia Lazar

The wedding of Menachem-Mendel Vilensky and Leia Lazar, the daughter of the Rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, took place in December 2019 at the Music Media Dome. The ceremony was attended by several hundred guests: family members and the Jewish community, many of whom came from all over the world. Ceo & Creative provided all the technical production of this event.

The company’s engineers developed the stage design. Tables in the hall were decorated with fresh flowers, music bands performed throughout the evening.

Lightplot was installed by technical experts in such a way that the configuration of lighting devices allowed guests to admire the starry sky. More than 100 suspension points were used for technical equipment and decoration elements. Also installed LCD screens of various formats.

Ceo & Creative used the world novelties of lighting fixtures – this allowed our lighting designers to send guests to the fairy-tale world using visual and light-design techniques. Sound designers provided the event with professional stereo.