20th anniversary of Mail.Ru

December 5, 2018 in the club Adrenaline Stadium held a celebration in honor of the 20th anniversary of the company Mail.Ru

The event was attended by more than 6,000 people.

We have prepared the technical part of the party:

– Created a mechanism and form a unique double round mapping screen, made of a special mapping and mesh fabric size 7х12 meters. Video clips, images, infographics and virtual host of the event were shown on the screen.

– Our specialists built and decorated the stage

– We have developed and installed a sound system of the hall and lighting design of the event

– At the site was installed a robot that held his “iron hand” leading to a round “tablet” in the center of the dance floor

– Our specialists have built an interactive zone with virtual reality and “kinekt” technology, which detects movements.

The host of the event was radio and TV presenter Anton Komolov, and his co-host was a virtual Olga Shelest.

The guests were Basta, Bi-2, Vladimir Presnyakov, Elena Temnikova, Bogdan Titomir, IOWA, Vakhtang, Matrang and other artists.